Examples of Products Sourced

MMS NI currently source a wide range of products, in a variety of materials, for our customers.
Generally our customers will give us a drawing or a sample of the product they require and we take care of everything from then on.
The more information we have the better and we will often endeavour to see the product in use to gain a full understanding of it's purpose.
Below are some examples.

Engineering Parts

MMS NI source a variety of parts for use in the engineering sector. These parts are manufactured from a customer's drawing and are made from a broad range of materials. The parts often require specific finishes such as galvanising, powder coating, anodising or painted.

Ventilation Parts

Customers have approached us to ask us to source ventilation parts such as vents, valves, diffusers and ducting.

Reflective Tape

Reflective tape is mainly used on trucks and trailers to increase night time visibility and reduce accidents. We were asked to source a more cost effective alternative to the mainstream products on the market. We carried out a lot of research into the legislation surrounding the product and were able to source a product with all the necessary certification required to be used in the EU.

MMS NI Ltd now have the sole distribution rights to sell the DM brand in Ireland and the UK.


Access Panels

Access panels are used by the dry lining industry to allow access to plumbing or electrical services in stud walls or suspended ceilings. One of our current suppliers also manufactured these as part of a wider portfolio and sent us samples to get feedback from the market. The products received excellent reviews as did the price and we now sell a full range of access panels to the construction industry.

Trailer Parts

Trailer parts have been a mainstay of our business for many years. We supply numerous trailer manufacturers with a range products including suspension kits, rope hooks, ferry rings, pins, bushings, brackets, hinges and many more.

Rubber Parts

We have sourced parts in many materials including rubber.


Some customers have asked us to source glass products for the automotive industry.

Plastic Parts

Manufactured from our customer's drawings we have sourced numerous plastic parts including these ventilation parts.

Chrome Parts

Some examples of chrome products manufactured from our customer's drawings. Image shows a sink waste drain and a hand grip handle for a bus.

Aluminium Parts

Aluminium is a very popular material and we supply it in different forms including stamped, extruded and forged.

FRP Coated Honeycomb & Plywood

FRP panels are used widely in the automotive and construction industries. We can supply these with different finishes and centres.


Over the years MMS NI have been asked to source a wide range of products. Click on the link below to see just a few.

These are only a selection of the products and parts we have been asked to source, there are many more.
Feel free to get in touch if you would like us to help you source from China, we would be delighted to help.

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