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Product Sourcing

MMS NI source over 2.5 million products per year for our customers.
We supply a range of industries with a wide variety of parts and finished products.


Originally we mainly supplied the engineering sector however the past few years have seen our base broaden and we now supply parts and finished products into the automotive, quarrying, hospitality, sports & leisure, construction and transport sectors.

Laser Cutting
Aluminum Factory

Products & Materials

Our increased customer base has seen us source an ever increasing range of products in a wide variety of materials and finishes. From simple metal parts for use in machinery to high end decorative pieces used to adorn the tables of hotels and most things in between.We have also been asked to source products in many different materials including metal, glass, rubber, plastic, nylon, composites, foam, reflective tape and Lycra.


MMS now have a large network of trusted factories and suppliers. We also have experienced personnel on the ground in China who will inspect any new suppliers and ensure their standards and practices are up to scratch.

Packaging Factory

Click on the link below to see a selection of the products we have sourced to date.

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