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At a Glance

How it Works

Many companies are daunted by the idea of importing from China.
MMS NI offer a one stop solution which offers our customers significant cost savings without all the associated hassle and worry.
Our experienced team look after everything from sourcing, quality control, shipping, customs and delivery.
We will quote you a delivered price for your product which can even include us storing volume for you to call off on a periodic basis.
Below outlines in brief how the process works.

Customer Consultation

  • Meet with the customer to discuss their requirements and gain information on the products

  • Get drawings or accurate description of the products

  • Find out all information on licencing, certificates, testing and specifications pertaining to the products

  • Find out annual volumes, delivery requirements, storage requirements, packaging etc.

Supplier Sourcing, Evaluation & Quotation

  • Check if we have any current suppliers who can supply the product

  • Seek other suitable suppliers

  • Evaluate suppliers competency, quality, experience & history

  • Get quotations for product

  • Check quotations against customer's target

  • Check specification of the product quoted against predefined parameters 

  • Visit factory to inspect procedures

Quality Control

  • Once the customer is happy with the quotation we then arrange for samples to be made

  • Depending on the product, a range of tests can be carried out. These can be dimensional, material, fire resistance, load bearing etc.

  • The validity of any certificates are also varified

  • Once MMS NI are happy with the samples they are delivered to the customer for inspection

Place Volume Order

  • Confirm with the customer that they are happy with the product sample

  • Agree initial order with customer based on annual quantities (Better pricing can be secured based on larger volumes - *See Storage & Delivery)

  • Place initial order with supplier

  • Inform customer of delivery date

  • Schedule run rate for future orders with customer & supplier based on customer forecasts

Get In Touch

Shipping & Logistics

  • MMS NI arrange to get your products packed and delivered to port in China

  • If your order is less than a full container we will add it to one of our containers to consolidate the order

  • Your container is loaded onto the vessel for shipping to our warehouse

  • We take care of all customs clearance and duties etc 

  • Your goods arrive at our warehouse

Storage & Delivery

  • We will store your goods at our warehouse until you are ready to receive delivery

  • In order to avail of better pricing, MMS can order in extra stock (On a forecast basis) for our customers to call off periodically

  • We deliver your goods in one of our fleet of vehicles in one job lot or on a weekly, monthly schedule

Please feel free to get in touch with us via the tab below if you wish to find out more.

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